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KinoTopic For The iPhone

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I’ve been using the new KinoTopic V2 from my good friend Radu, and can report it is fantastic!  I really love it!  Here’s the official announcement:

We have exciting news to announce. After months of hard work, we’re happy to share that Kinotopic V2 is out! There are a number of improvements, and we wanted to share them with you.

Kinotopic V2 is about creating, sharing, and storing short memorable moments. Moments all start with short video, and they can be anything from a unique visual experience to the crazy party from last night, your dog wagging his tail when he sees you, the cloudy sky when you went fishing with your family, your kids smiling, and all those memorable events in life.

Here’s what’s new:

A shiny new design
We went back to the drawing board and created a cleaner, more traditional look & feel that puts the focus on kinos. We hope you like it and find the app more pleasant to use.

Simplified creation flow
Take a video and upload it in two steps. In the first step, you can easily add filters, view how they make your kino look, and create cinemagraphs. We’ve implemented all the cinemagraph tools in one page, so it should be faster and simpler to create.

Improved kino stream and discover awesome kinos
It’s more fun and easier to browse kinos, and we added a new tab called Classics where you can browse some of the best creations from our users.


We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing your kinos. If you like what we’re doing, leave us a 5* review.

- Radu & Ramu

The Animated GIF

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I ran across this excellent video on YouTube.  I thought you mite find it interesting as well.  While there is more to the story of the Animated GIF, and it’s history, this effort by PBS is one well worth seeing. Enjoy!

Washing Grapes

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Tea Kettle

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Subway Violinist

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Sony Nex-5N and Videographs

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Sony ups the game with their new Nex-5N.  The video from this tiny camera puts quite a few of the big dogs to shame.  This is a great camera with excellent color for making VideoGraphs and CinemaGraphs.  In this example, I have slowed the frame change down to 1 sec between frames, so you can see the quality is there in every frame.  There are twelve consecutive frames in this animation.  Note the absence of any smearing or blurring, though this is a low light shot.  Also note the quality of the backlit part of the scene.  This was shot using a Leica 28mm f/2 lens, set wide open.


Fall Colors

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The brisk enters the air, and the colors spring eternal.