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Videograph Designer™ is the brainchild of a couple of wild and crazy guys who decided still images sometimes needed to move.  So we decided to work with new ways of making that happen.

BRIAN GRIFFITH - CTO - Grand High Poobah of the Benevolent Order of Pushers of the Bits and Bytes.

Brian also, in his spare time, is the Founder and CEO of Iridient Digital, Inc, where he authored and continues to support his creation "RAW Developer."   RAW Developer, is the premier digital camera RAW image processing application for Mac OS X.  Utilizing Cocoa, ColorSync, Quartz, QuickTime and various other software technologies, RAW Developer features an advanced image processing pipeline praised by both the world's top professional photographers as well as industry recognized digital imaging experts for its high image quality and advanced functionality. RAW Developer features a number of unique image processing features not found in any other RAW image conversion products.

Brian developed his lifelong interest in moving images when he worked as a Software Engineer at Walt Disney Feature Animation in Burbank, CA starting in 1999.  Brian designed and developed software using C++, C, QuickTime, OMF Toolkit, Tcl/Tk, SQL, Unix shell scripts and AppleScript on UNIX and MacOS for digital media acquisition, video and still image processing, file and meta-data management and data transfer between artistic departments and editorial for feature animation and visual effects film production. As if that wasn't enough to keep him busy, he also worked on digital dailies, digital cinema and various other advanced digital video delivery systems.  Combined with Brian's Senior Software Developer background with several other companies, Brain brings a whole new meaning to the words "Excellence By Design."  In his personal time, Brian lives for photography, hiking, biking, yoga, and last but not least - Samba dancing...


CHUCK JONES - "El Tecolote" of all things Marketing and Business Related.

Chuck is a working artist and Professional Photographer residing in Studio City, Ca.  Chuck spent seven of the last fourteen years living and working in Mexico, where he documented culture changes with both still and moving images.  Chuck loves telling stories.  Chuck's work has been shown in a number of international galleries, and his images grace the walls of some of the finest artists in the world - many his friends.  Chuck believes software should be designed for the photographic artist in everyone.  Software should be directly focused on assisting an artist to create art - not forcing their focus to using the tool.  Chuck is a firm believer in "Keep Your Eye On Telling The Story"

Chuck's past Includes software development "chops" and promotional marketing executions.  Everything you ever want to know about that is here:


Now days, Chuck focuses his full time and attention on Photography as an art as well as a science, and his promotional efforts at aiding worthy non profit children's art education projects.  He enjoys Leica M lenses, Contax Zeiss fast primes, Sony A series camera bodies, our old dog Pearl and spending time with my artist wife Suzanne in all of our mutual artistic pursuits.  He's a guitar picker, a MooseTracks™ ice cream licker, a lover of fine Espresso, fine wines, and a fine tequila on occasion.

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